Rochester NY welcomes The Willows to America at CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival

Rochester, N.Y. — A Canadian trio made its debut at the CGI Rochester International Jazz festival on day five of the nine-day event.

The appearance marked the first-ever American appearance by The Willows. Faithful fans lined up to see them.

"They're fabulous. I love the movement they put in their show and their singing is really, really great," Beth Gilette of Rochester said.

She first saw the group perform in Canada. The members grew up together in Alberta and went to college together in Toronto.

"We were really nervous to share it with anyone, so we started with our classmates at university and then we were pushed to go to an open mic, and that's kind of where things took off," according to member Krista Deady said.

The combination of their dance and classical music training has won over audiences.

"Taking that kind of retro, Golden Age feel and then putting our own spin on it is really special," said Andrea Gregorio with The Willows.

Their shows on Tuesday indicated their popularity. The performances were standing room only.

"Sharing the stage as dancers and now musicians, it's beautiful," member Lauren Pedersen said. "It's a wonderful thing we share. We've just had so many years together. It's really special."

Krista Deady